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Established 15 years ago, Miklos Contracting, Inc. has grown over the years to become a leading expert in home renovation services. We understand unique needs, listen to our clients, and have the expertise and vision necessary to translate that into quality work we do. We listening to our clients and actively seeking their feedback to deliver quality work.

Mission and Beliefs

At Miklos Contracting, our mission is to provide our clients with best quality professional customer  service.

Our Goal

Our Goal is the achievement of long-term client satisfaction with our services, a standard for our success and referrals stemming from that. Our efforts aim at earning the clients’ respect through being respectful, honest, and fair. 

Environmentally Friendly


We are considerate of the materials we use and provide
environmentally friendly methods when possible.

Home Improvement


Renew the old with our creative ideas


Enhance your bathroom look with our custom designs


Create a new living space by letting us finish your basement



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    Interior & Exterior Painting

    We provide painting solutions that provide beautiful, long lasting results by using high quality primers and paints.

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    Hardwood & Laminate Flooring

    We offer a variety of flooring installation including Laminate flooring, resilient flooring/vinyl, carpet, hardwood and more. We work to provide you with the best solution for your household needs.

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    Doors & Windows Installation

    We will ensure that your windows and doors are installed properly for a long life of problem-free operation. We can also provide you with information on regular maintenance such as regular lubrication, cleaning, etc.

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    Marble & Ceramic Tiling

    We try to achieve the top end quality while using the best tiling materials. Proper installation methods are key to endure foot traffic on your marble floors or to avoid water to get behind the ceramic tiles in your bathroom.

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    Counter-top Installation

    We design, build and install countertops from start to finish, and work with you to ensure your satisfaction; whether it’s a granite, quartz, laminate, marble or solid surface installation.

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    Adding insulation is a fast and effective way to increase your home’s efficiency and save on energy bills. We can upgrade your insulation to give you year-round comfort which will cost less to cool and heat and also help reduce noise levels and condensation.

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    Heating & Cooling

    We have the technology and experience to increase the comfort, safety and energy efficacy of your home. Whether you require a service technician to complete maintenance or having a service problem, we are there to help.

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    We provide general plumbing, draining, waterproofing, small partial repairs, remodelling projects.

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    We repair, alter and install residential wiring and electrical systems through proper permits and inspections.

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Address: Po. Box 239, Millbrook, Ontario, L0A 1G0, Canada   |   Phone: (705) 977 1856   |   E-mail: [email protected]